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Recipe Encoding Project

Getting Started

To get started, download our recipe encoding project folder here. You will find in this folder the two examples from class, a schema (which specifies the rules for your encoding), and an XML template file that you can edit to encode your own recipe. Go ahead and rename the template file, but don’t rename the folder or move your XML file outside of the folder (you can move the whole “RecipeEncodingProject” folder, though, if you don’t want to keep it with your downloaded files!).

Crib Sheet

You can open a crib sheet describing all of the elements in our recipe schema here. Please refer to this document as you’re encoding, so that you’re using elements as they are specified in our schema. You can also mouse over elements in your XML file (or look at the pop-up on the right as you’re adding them) to see brief definitions of each element.

Links and Resources